Before you register for an account, make sure you understand how participation works! You can be a Coordinator/Facilitator and/or a Storyteller:

Coordinators/Facilitators, your participation begins when you register to become a site coordinator/facilitator by and registering as a coordinator so you can upload your contribution and/or provide accounts to your workshop participants.
Storytellers, if you are interested contributing, you need a group code. You can get a group code from a coordinator or by becoming a coordinator yourself. In either case, you start by registering. Please note that you need to be 18+ to be a facilitator/coordinator.
Step 1: Prepare your Reflection, Story, Response

Review our current 2060 Prompt Challenge! Compose your response to our 2060 Prompt in another location (word doc, text edit, photoshop etc). (Refer to "Facilitators" tab for other content sharing options)

Review Our Prompt
Step 2: Sign up for a Coordinator/Facilitator Account

To contribute, sign up for a coordinator/facilitator account on the Atlas of the Civic Imagination site. Review the "Facilitators" menu tab for more details of what a facilitator does. Then sign up for a facilitator account

Learn about Facilitators
Step 3: Generate Code, Become a Storyteller, Invite Others

Once you are signed up as a coordinator/facilitator, you can generate a participation code for your site. You can use this code to create a storyteller account for yourself. You can also share the code with your participants (community members, storytellers, students etc.) and share the code with your participants. Review the "Storytellers" site for more details on sharing your stories.

Learn about Storytellers

The Atlas of the Civic Imagination is part of a partnership between the National Writing Project and the Civic Imagination Project.

We are committed to supporting people’s creative civic participation by providing a safe and supportive environment for imagination, writing, media creation, sharing, and publishing. Through its affiliation with the National Writing Project, the Atlas is COPPA compliant and facilitator-managed.